I'm Andrea, a petite fashion merchandiser working and living in and around New York City. I'm an avid portrait painter, an unapologetic user of parentheses, and I could never turn down a cup of coffee... especially one made by my grandma.

While studying art at a fashion-oriented school, I found myself drawn more and more to the world of fashion. I was surprised to find myself becoming more and more interested in high-waisted skirts, structured silhouettes and shoes with a (gasp!) heel, having previously been perfectly content in a pair of paint-spattered sweatpants and the same sneakers I'd been wearing since high school.

I'm brand new to blogging; I created Opalette in January of 2014 as a place to share my ever-changing personal style, as well as a creative outlet during this quarter-life "crisis" of mine. They say everything changes at 25... so far, that appears to be true!

Thanks for reading!